Doctorate of Business Administration – DBA (Online or Part-time)

Doctorate of Business Administration – DBA (Online or Part-time)

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About The Programme

Earning the coveted doctorate degree program from a reputed university is a dream for many professionals! This requires dedication and commitment to make one of the most significant decisions in life. Doctorate of Business Administration or DBA program is a complete doctoral degree, but comes with few contradictions to academic oriented Ph.D. degree. Doctorate of Business Administration is available in online or part-time study modes. DBA degree specializes in effectively utilizing key professional experience in pursuing industry implied research.

DBA degree is developed and delivered in partnership with Universidad Catolica De Murcia (UCAM), Spain, ranked among top 10 universities in Europe by Times Higher Education Ranking-2019 for Quality Education. The final degree is issued by UCAM which will be awarded at the convocation held in University in Spain.

The research journey is facilitated through well-developed digital resources, personal tutor and research guide support. This learning and research experience challenges you to sharpen your critical and analytical expertise. You will develop research skills to become an expert in your field with a proven ability to think outside the box. The program is designed to fit in to the busy schedule of senior executives ensuring the work-life-learn balance is not compromised.

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About The University


Founded in the year 1996, UCAM is a fully accredited European University with a clear mission: to provide students with the knowledge and skills to serve society, to contribute to the further expansion of human knowledge through research and development.

UCAM empowers students to develop their own real-world skills. The campus’ top class infrastructure, its labs and studios, allied with practical learning components will prepare students to put their acquired knowledge into action. Students have to complete an internship in a public or private institution where they will receive a taste of their future field of expertise.

UCAM has established more than fifty research groups in close collaboration with enterprises such as, Coca Cola, DANONE, Vodafone and Siemens, providing some students the opportunity to contribute academically. UCAM is among the first universities to adapt its programs to the European Quality System for Education, following the Bologna Process.

What is a DBA?

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a blended part-time professional doctoral degree with an international scope and reputation, designed to enhance executive and professional practice through the application of sound theory and rigorous research into real and complex issues in business and management. Part-time DBA program enhances the capability of the learners to develop knowledge theory, their application in business. Key aspect of the program is to develop personal, consultancy and research skills in the context of rigorous and relevant research.

Who should consider a DBA?

Doctorate of Business Administration are driven by a desire to ignite real change in their companies or fields through data-driven decision-making. The online or part-time program will be of particular benefit to experienced C’level executives, senior managers, department heads, consultants, management educators and entrepreneurs. The DBA degree experience challenges the learner to sharpen critical and analytical expertise. You will develop your skills in research to become an expert in your domain with a proven ability to think outside the box.

DBA and PhDs – Equal but Different

The Doctorate of Business administration or DBA is an executive-level program designed for working professionals with extensive managerial experience as well as a master’s degree, who are looking to advance further in their career. DBA program has both rigour and relevance as it contributes to theory, practice and research in business and management. The online or part-time DBA program is a full-fledged Doctoral degree, but contrary to the Ph.D., there is a focus on professional experience. The PhD program is targeted towards those interested in pursuing research-focused careers in academia.


The Doctorate of Business administration or DBA program offers a well-structured coursework, designed to build research competencies. This is followed by a research project that aims to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained in the initial course work, contributing to the improvement and enhancement of the existing business practices.

DBA is structured in two stages.

Stage 1: Duration 1 year

This is comprised of five modules taught in year 1, contributing to 60 ECTS Credits.

The purpose of Year One is to provide a theoretical and practical foundation in research methodology for advanced empirical research within the management field. The later part of the Year One is to apply knowledge and understanding of research methodology to an actual pilot study and overall thesis proposal, and to reflect on own performance as a researcher.

Module CodeModule NameECTS Credits
M1Research Methodology and Methods10
M2Research Issues within Contemporary Management10
M3Interim Research Project (Pilot Study)10
M4Designing a Research Project (Thesis Proposal)20
M5Developing as a Researcher (Individual Reflection)10

Stage 2: Duration 2 year

The purpose of 2nd and 3rd year is to conduct full-fledged primary research under the supervision of a guide. The two years are used to produce a detailed thesis meeting the expectations of research required at doctoral level.

Module CodeModule NameECTS Credits
M6Practice Based Thesis120 ECTS Y

Maximum duration to complete the research is 3 years with minimum time frame of 1 year.

Early Exit Award – Master of Philosophy

Successful students of stage 1 will be awarded Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Management by Universidad Catolica De Murcia, Spain, if the student decided to exit without completing the final research thesis.

Admissions Process


Once the application submitted, the Admissions Team will screen it to verify your eligibility for the program. If eligible, an interview will be scheduled for you with the Interview Panel of the program.

After approval, the interview will be scheduled with the panel. The process will be conducted through telephone/skype/zoom for international candidates. The results will be released within one week of your interview.

Admission Criteria


Year 1Year 2year 3
USD 7000.00USD 3500.00USD 3500.00

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